Basmati Rice - 0.5 kg
Valued rice, with long and perfumed grains, coming from India and Pakistan. Its name means “queen of fragrance”, just to indicate the deep aroma that characterizes it. Its grains are still firm even after cooking, well separated and lengthen almost up to the double. Ideal for the pilaf cooking, it’s often served together with spices that enhance its flavor and is used as a side dish for vegetables, meat, fish or legumes.

The soft processing preserves the nutritional values, moreover the semi-brown rice contains less carbohydrates than the white rice.

Species: oryza Sativa
Name: Basmati
Country of Origin: India
Amylose content:: 20,5% (source: National Rice Body)
Its name means “queen of fragrance”, its grains are elongated, crystal-clear and very scented.
Semi-brown rice

Semibrown rice: rice which has been partially worked.


Biological semi-brown Basmati rice



Not present


Shelf life

26 months