Rice and Amaranthus Cakes
Thanks to a perfect mix of products of the earth, together with the alchemic power of fire and the action of pressure on the rice grain, without any chemical agent, we realize a product that keeps the essential features of the original raw materials: nutritional values, natural features and organoleptic quality.
Biological, with a low content of fats and sugars, gluten-free.
White rice

White rice: milled rice which was removed the husk, bran and germ.


Biological rice, biological amaranthus (8%), sea salt.



It can contain tracks of soya, sesame seeds.


Shelf life

18 months

Nutritional properties of ingredients
Puffed rice
The cereal is pre-heated at a temperature of more than 100°C, then it’s inserted into a machine where the pressure rises due to overheated steam. Exploiting the difference of pressure between the inside of the device and the external environment, the expansion of the grain is determined, transforming its size and body.
The puffed rice keeps the same nutritional features of the rice.
Bibliografia Collegata
It’s a plant coming from Central America, defined “the corn of Gods” by the Aztecs.
The seeds are known for their high nutritional and energizing qualities; a good concentration of proteins and of essential amino acids, above all lysine. They have an excellent content of mineral salts, in particular of calcium.