Risotto Artichokes and seeds
The rice: we use a base of biological semi-brown Carnaroli rice, that gives our risotto a very natural and peculiar taste and preserves the nutritional values of a little processed rice.

Further ingredients: we choose dehydrated, biological and natural high quality ingredients to give our risotto a genuine taste and keep the organoleptic properties of the recipe unchanged.
With biological semi-brown Carnaroli rice, gluten-free, source of fibre.
Semi-brown rice

Semibrown rice: rice which has been partially worked.


Semi-brown Carnaroli rice* 87%, sunflower seeds* 5%, vegetable broth* (salt, brown ground rice*, corn starch syrup*, yeast extract*, carrot*, sunflower oil*, onion*, celeriac*, parsnip*, roasted onion*, spices*, herbs*), artichokes* 3%, onion*, parsley*. (*= from biological agriculture)



It can contain tracks of soya, fish, shellfishes, molluscs, milk and by-products, sesame, peanuts and nuts.


Shelf life

15 months

Nutritional properties of ingredients
Semi-brown Carnaroli rice
It’s obtained by removing the bran from the grain only partially, in order to preserve the precious germ as far as possible. Its cooking time is lower than the brown rice one.
It’s precious for its high content of fibre, vitamins, minerals, starch and proteins. If compared to the brown rice, it’s more suitable for those who must take less fibre, such as children.
Bibliografia Collegata
It’s one of oldest vegetables of the Mediterranean area, grown especially in Italy, Spain and France.
Artichoke is one of the “choleretic” medicinal plants: that is plants that help the synthesis and secretion of bile. It has very few calories, a lot of fibres, more than a good quantity of calcium, phosphorous, magnesium, iron and potassium.
Sunflower seeds
Very nourishing oily seeds, coming from America.
They are rich in essential fatty acids, linoleic acid and folic acid: mineral salts, calcium, potassium, phosphorous, selenium, fibre of group B and E. These micronutrients provide the sunflower seeds with antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties and help the intestinal functionality.